Patel College of Nursing
Ramanagaram, Bengaluru

      (10:00 am to 6:00 pm)


Campus Location
  • Patel College of Nursing is in Ramanagaram on Bangalore-Mysore Road at a panoramic and vast location
  • The distance of college from Mysore is about 80 km and from Bangalore 40 km
  • Ramanagaram is well connected by road and rail
  • The campus is equipped all facilities as per the norms of INC and is also blessed with dedicated teachers, staff and with sufficient clinical facilities
  • Separate and secure hostels are available for boys and girls
  • Hostels are provided with round the clock security
  • The Educational Trust issues norms and standards from time to time for students, the students are expected to follow these rules and regulations strictly
  • Mess facility is available in hostel
  • The mess is supervised by experienced staff which ensure good and hygienic food as per the taste of students

Rules & Regulations

  • Students residing in the hostels are directed to follow timings, rules and regulations
  • A student has to take permission from ward in-charge and staff in-charge before leaving the premises
  • Consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited
  • Usage of drugs or possession of drugs in the premises is strictly not allowed. Anyone indulged in drugs is liable for enquiry and final termination.
  • Ragging of any sort is strictly prohibited and punished as per anti-ragging Act of 1980
Transportation & Library


Patel College of Nursing has its own transport facility for students residing outside the college campus in an around Ramanagaram.


The library of Patel College of Nursing has a good collection of most of Nursing textbooks, journals, magazines and subscribed newsletters. The resources at the library are sufficient to meet the needs of all the students of Patel College of Nursing.

Clinical Exposure
  • The students of Patel College of Nursing gain their clinical exposure at BGS Global Hospital, Bangalore, Ramanagara Govt. Hospital and Channapatna Govt. Hospital
  • Through, these hospitals, the nursing students are exposed to various departments- Medical, Surgical, Orthopedic, Pediatric, ENT, Eye and Gynecology
  • Orientation Programs in the field of Psychiatry, Community Health Nursing at primary health centers, etc. included in curriculum
  • More importance is given to awareness of National Health Programs, Rural Community Health Programs through health visits/camps
  • Each student is ensured to get a good amount of exposure and experience in wards, operation theatres and emergency care

Reach Us

Patel College of Nursing
B.M. Road, Archakarahalli,
Tq & Dist Ramanagaram - 562 159, Karnataka

Phone No: +91-80- 27276161/62, +91 9447933850

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